Terms of Service

Term of using the service of EntroMoney

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions which EntroMoney will provide to all members of EntroMoney. This Agreement is the right and obligation of members to use the services of EntroMoney. User must agree before registering services.

I . Conditions of Use

1.1 To use the service of EntroMoney, users must open an account on EntroMoney and complete the registration by accepting the terms of service, the company issuing the security policy and the law against money laundering.

1.2 Users must be over 18 years to have the right to open an account at EntroMoney.

1.3 Users can just open an account with a valid e-mail.

1.4 Users can only open one account if the government of the country where the user living has the term limited to use of service EntroMoney .

1.5 The user must provide truthful information and accurate at the time of registration, the issuer has the right to verify the user's information if it has the suspicious signs

II . User Obligations.

2.1 No one else otherwise use use has right to use funds in the account of the user, unless otherwise inherit.

2.2 Users agree to comply with the recommendations given by security issuers; users should have the responsibility to implement and follow to ensure safty for systems.

2.3 Users are responsible for regularly checking account, e-mail, password and protecting the user's account. The issuing organization is not responsible for any damage if the user does not do correctly.

2.4 Funds Uppdate, transfer and receive are displayed in the transaction history. Users should check balances and transaction history regularly. Users should inform the issuer as soon as there is something unusual in the user's account.

2.5 Users are not permitted to buy, sell the user account for any one else, issuers will deny responsibility for any wrong action.

2.6 Users should back up the information such as account password, master key, Pass Code and preserve them to prevent leaking to the third partie. In forgoting or loosing, you should contact the issuer for assistance.

III . Irrevocability of Transfers

3.1 Users agree that all Transfers made by the user are final and irreversible.

3.2 Users are full responsibile for Transfer activities from the account to another account on EntroMoney

3.3 To perform Transfer successfully, user needs to use the Master Key, which is the last chance for users to review their transactions. After entering the correct Master Key, the transactions can not propose to recover.

3.4 Each payee or transferee must have a valid account on EntroMoney .

3.5 Users are asked to provide the recipient's account EntroMoney. Users need to be careful coppy accuracy or account which the user wants to send. Issuing organization uses the account number is a unique identifier to identify the recipient, so users should carefully verify recipients before payment.

3.6 Once funds are credited to the recipient’s Account, the transfer becomes irreversible

3.7 The transferer have to pay the transfering fee

IV . Dispute

4.1 The issuer will not be responsible for any disputes between two users. The issuer will not have to pay damages or any liability if one of two users is damaged due to the action of another party except the case of misconduct, or intentionally violating the issuer.

4.2 Users are certified to increase reliability and security for the purchaser, however it is not ensured by EntroMoney, so if any dispute arises between authenticated users, EntroM oney shall not be responsible.

V . Obligations of Issuer

5.1 Ensuring the safety of user information, including funds, personal information, e-mail, password, master key, passcode ...

5.2 Ensuring the transaction of user is safe and accurate.

5.3 In some cases, issuers can temporarily repeal the responsibility to perform data backup.

5.4 The issuer is allowed to send information on new products, promotions, special programs to e-mail of user. In case the user does not wish to receive such information, the user should contact the issuer to remove from mailing list.

5.5 In the case of certifying the user, the issuer receives the information of user and will destroy after completing certifying.

VI . Third Party Links

The issuer provide links to other websites only for the purpose to bring convenience to users. Any site linked above EntroMoney is not part of EntroMoney services, so the issuer will not be responsible for those sites.

VII .Other

EntroMoney agree to all people as well as merchant using the services of EntroMoney used as payment services. However, some services will not be accepted to use such as:

  1. Drug trafficking
  2. Child sexual
  3. Arms trafficking
  4. Laundering

In case of undetected any above action, we will terminate service without refund.

VIII .Entire Agreement

This Agreement is made on the basis of the user agreement and issuers. This Agreement will be amended from time to time, if any, the amendment will be notified to all users before they are issued.