About EntroMoney

If this is the first time you visit our website, we welcomise you and hope you will find what you are looking for in our website, but if you are a member of EM, welcome you came back

EM is an ecommercal company with the name EntroMoney Limited. Our company is based in Hong Kong, but now we have moved the headquarters to United KingDom to protect the operation of our business and serve you better.

EntroMoney Limited was founded with services specializing on online payment on the world. EntroMoney takes proud to bring our customers and partners as well as exchanger the reliability, security, convenience and low cost in using with the aime to bring the most benefit to you.

Why choose EM?

Easy to access your account and transfer money quickly and safely.We use SSL certificates to encrypt data and help you to log in safely to EntroMoney , not a spoof of other website . We have functions of anti keylog, trojans, protected the customer account by IP.

The function on requesting the password before the transfering will help you to be safer in the worst case that other person can not steal your money.

All customer data is encrypted and secured before being stored on our systems, all sensitive information such as customer passwords, pin codes, master key is hidden in a place where only one key can open is yours.

Business merchant

The SCI/API security and perfect system will help enterprise to send, receive and verify the orders quickly and safely.

Using the new safer technology for customers in transactions. In addition, we always check periodicaly and receive the customer feedback to update and change to suit the demand of each customer.

The Company registration certificate No.8984307 ,08 April 2014 by United Kingdom .