Frequently asked questions

Merchants/ Exchanger

  1. I have a website how can i integrate EM system into my payment method?

    We have built SCI/API systems for partners who want to use EM as an payment gateway, it is easy to use, please see specific details here

  2. What condition I need to be allowed to use account as merchant??

    No. You do not need to do any conditions, your account may be personal or business, and will not need to verify your account

  3. I want to become an Exchanger of EM, how can I do?

    To become an Exchanger of EM, very simple you need to implement the two following steps:

    • Verify your account
    • You need to have a website & our logo should be added on it
    • Send a request to us through on here. You need to send the information about your website, logo of your website. Within 24 hours we will review and add your website to our Exchanger list.
  4. What is the right of Exchanger?

    Basically, you have full rights of personal or business account but your fee will be lower, your cost is only 0.05%