Frequently asked questions


  1. What is Account ID?

    Account ID: is the sequence that EentroMoney provide to you when you register a new account, this sequence is not the account number for receiving money

  2. What is Purse account?

    Purse account: is your account number, you have 2 accounts, in USD and another in EURO. That is two account for receiving money

  3. What is Purse Balances?

    Purse Balances: the total amount of your U account (USD) and E account (Euro)

  4. What is Master Key?

    Master Key: is the deposit protection code with 6-digit that you created when you registered.

  5. What is Card Code?

    Card Code: an image codes that consis of many figures, used to replace the Master Key and of course it is safer when you use the master key.

  6. What is E-currency?

    E-currency:  E-currency, or digital currency is a stored and paid value, usually contained in the user accounts and used by user for transition to each other as a currency (like USD, EURO, Yen, Gold, Silver ...). The main feature of the E-currency is payment, irreversible; not like bank transfer or payment systems byt has the functions in payment reverse as paypal

  7. What is Security?

    Security: The most important feature of EA is security for account, password, PIN, master key, code card, anti-Trojan, keylogger is another features of EA to help your account safer. However, it is very necessary to note precaution, take care and keep your information carefully, virus scans regularly to keep your computer safe.