Frequently asked questions

Accounts General

  1. Do I have to pay fees to open or maintain the account?

    No. You can open an account completely free and not have to pay any fee to maintain it

  2. Is my account safe?

    Yes, in addition to the password, master key we have integrated for anti-Trojan, keylog, and authenticate IP address when you log in, to avoid risks for you, but you still need to protect yourselves with antivirus software.

  3. Can I open multi-account?

    Yes. You can open as many accounts as you like.

  4. Do I need to verify my account?

    No. You do not need to verify the account still have full rights as the account has been verified, however if you register as our Exchanger, your account must be verified before approval.

  5. How can I change my e-mail?

    Sorry, you cannot change your email once registered. If you want an account with other email, you can register a new one.

  6. How to verify my account?

    Login to your account, choose settings option and upload your photo information and photo your address to us . We will process your request in 24-48 hours.

  7. How to register an account on EM?

    Very easy, please follow the link: .

    Select the account type: personal or business, fill out your email, password, master key, your name, your country, confirm the security code, tick the box to agree the terms of EM and click Register buttom. When you  already have an account on EM, you will be immediately granted an Account ID (you need to store it carefully because it is used to log in to your account).

  8. I am not enough 18 years old, can I register an account on EM?

    We are very sorry that we only accept registration for members over 18