Frequently asked questions

Account Types

  1. What kind of account types can I choose?

    You can choose personal or business account type. If you are a merchant then go for the Business acount & If you want to become an exchanger, please contact us.

  2. What is the difference between account types?

    Both personal & business accounts have same fee however the only different between them is that if you need access to our Merchant tools to accept payments from a website then you should go for the Business account . (Exchanger accounts are also available and you can have one if you are a verified EntroMoney exchanger)

  3. How can I change my account type?

    Login to your account , choose Your details and Upgrade or downgrade your account. It's absolutely free.

  4. How can I become an exchanger?

    Your account should be verified . After completing the verification process you got to contact us & we will set your account to exchanger type.